Dnd 5e mutation tables

Stay Logged On. Results 1 to 18 of Thread: Random Mutation Tables. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Random Mutation Tables Among the locations that my players may be visiting in the near future is a cavern filled with solid fog and inhabited by fleshwarped monstrosities. On the off chance that the players decide to spend a prolonged period there, I'd like to have some sort of results- specifically, I'm looking for a way to randomly generate mutations that might be A entirely cosmetic, B a minor advantage, or C a minor disadvantage.

The game's Pathfinder if it matters, but I'm willing to try and convert stats from another system if it fits this idea fairly well. And Mutant Futureof course. Protip: DnD is an incredibly social game played by some of the most socially inept people on the planet - Lev I read this somewhere and I stick to it: "I would rather play a bad system with my friends than a great system with nobody".

That said, trolling is entirely counterproductive yes, even when it's hilarious. Re: Random Mutation Tables.

dnd 5e mutation tables

Originally Posted by Arbane. Originally Posted by Rhynn. Isn't that the one where many, many of the mutations are immediately lethal possibly in a radius?

View Profile View Forum Posts. Re: Random Mutation Tables Well Most of the mutations here, though, just offer benefits. Originally Posted by Kadzar. Behold the Metamorphica! Originally Posted by The Metamorphica.

Re: Random Mutation Tables What, you don't have d's lying around your house? Originally Posted by AuraTwilight. I don't really get why rolling d is so different from d Re: Random Mutation Tables Nonononono Why throw tens and ones when they make perfectly serviceable ds?

It's just another order of magnitude. Crank up the turbine, check the ballast level, and spin that thousand-sider. Let me know when it stops Re: Random Mutation Tables Well, Bogleech has an excellent mutant generation chart for his game Mortasheen Where mutants are one of the playable racesand I'm sure it'd be perfect for your needs!

Re: Random Mutation Tables I had an idea where the god of magic 'blessed' arcane magic users with 'signs of his blessing', i. Besides adding a certain eldritch flavour, it was meant to explain why magic users are somewhat shunned, especially by noble houses, so, thanks, this is useful to me as well.While a mutation can assume many forms, it typically signifies an abnormal trait or ability not common to the species.

Mutations can be pronounced or unnoticeable. Mutations may appear only at birth or manifest as consequences of radiation exposure or some horrible physical trauma. Ordinarily, a GM should allow players to select appropriate mutations and drawbacks for their characters using the Mutation Point MP system presented below.

However, for GM-controlled creatures and supporting characters, the GM can determine mutations randomly. Whenever a creature or supporting character gains a mutation, the GM may roll percentile dice and consult Table: Mutations below, then select an appropriate number of drawbacks with a total MP value equal to or greater than the MP cost of the randomly determined mutation.

All special qualities granted by mutations are considered extraordinary abilities. Using an extraordinary ability is a free action unless noted otherwise. Mutation Points MP provide a simple method of selecting mutations while preserving game balance. All creatures including heroes begin play with 0 MP. A creature gains MP by selecting one or more drawbacks—physical deformities and disabilities that make the creature less effective in play.

The total MP spent on beneficial mutations cannot exceed the total MP the creature gains from drawbacks. A creature may still have unspent MP after choosing beneficial mutations, however. These unspent MP can be spent on new mutations at a later time. Many mutations come with physical deformities. Some mutations are easy to hide, while others are harder to conceal. For creatures trying to conceal multiple physical deformities or alterations, the penalties stack.

A cosmetic mutation imposes a —1 penalty on Disguise checks, while a minor or major mutation imposes a —2 penalty on Disguise checks. Drawbacks do not apply penalties to Disguise checks. Cosmetic Mutations: The simplest and least mechanically complicated mutation is a cosmetic mutation. Cosmetic mutations cost 0 MP. A minor mutation costs 1—3 MP and can usually be offset by a single drawback. Major Mutations: A major mutation fundamentally changes the genetics and physiology of a particular creature.

A major mutation costs 4 or more MP and must be offset by one or more drawbacks.


Drawbacks: A creature with minor or major mutations also has drawbacks to offset them. Drawbacks are special disabilities or vulnerabilities that negatively affect a creature.

Each drawback has an MP value, and a creature can spend these MP on minor and major mutations to offset the negative effects of the drawback. Drawback: One of your ability scores your choice permanently decreases by 2.Big Black!

Mutation Bottle (5e Equipment)

I like the mutation table too and the Mastodon as well. This is perfect, I needed a good random weird mutant chart for just this purpose.

This is about the best blog post ever. The mutation table is great and will hopefully see use in my game, and Senor Mastodon is adorawesome. Are there tiny little GI tracts that lead to my main gut-pool? Can I actually taste with them? Can I make tiny bites with them?

Can I store poison in them and then bite people to deliver the poison? Can I pleasure people with them? You know, like tiny little love bites? How about a prehensile wang? I ran a game with a magick cock-ring in it which made the wearer's wang prehensile. They died before they got a chance to use it though. I am individually developing a PnP system in the Fallout universe.

dnd 5e mutation tables

These are brilliant stuff. Can i use some of these with your name mentioned? Print PDF. Posted by scrap princess at Email This BlogThis! Simon Forster 2 December at Marcus 2 December at Zzarchov 2 December at MartynEm 2 December at Pierce 2 December at Unknown 5 May at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Armed with highlighters and a pen, I can come up with a location, NPC, or faction in seconds. For those oh-crap-the-PCs-want-to-haul-off-into-the-desert moments. True enough - While I absolutely love the look of sheer panic and exasperation on my DM's face when the party makes a sharp left turn when the path he has us on turns right, I much prefer some table-assisted shenanigans while he figures out what to do with the tattered remnants of his carefully plotted story.

That's when the DM needs to take his right turn and have it show up a little bit after the left turn regardless.

The Pit Fiend - Monsters, Misguided #9

As much as I appreciate the idea of keeping a story going, any DM should be very careful of pulling the Quantum-Ogre scenario too often. It's a cheap on-rails trick, and if your players aren't interested in your story, they're either distracted or the story is boring. In either case, some desert wandering might just be in order. It's basically Quantum-Ogre, just less "quantamy", I suppose. The thing about BBEGs is that they tend to have their hand in everything.


Running the thieves guild, and some shadowy mage business, as well as having a hand in slightly less than legal shipping imports all make sense for a kingpin BBEG for the area. If you had a BBEG that could be found by pursuing the demon cult, by following the disappearing orphans, or by checking out the sketchy merchant's accounting books for tax fraud, one of these feels fairly far out of character, and would need a lot of story to build into that BBEG.

I use them primarily for preparation. They work wonders if you get stuck with preparing for the next session.Please browse through our FAQ before posting.

Sidebar not working? Click here. The above image is licensed under GPL 2. Free Free Stuff: 1d Mutations self.

dnd 5e mutation tables

I don't know about your players, but mine keep eating strange minerals, drinking untested potions, rubbing radioactive goop into open wounds, taunting magical creatures, and mucking about with the fabric of reality. You never remember marching or long-distance travel. You seem to just arrive. Happens to me occasionally. It's called driving hypnosis and it's pretty common. It like when you do any routine task enough times.

You're still perfectly aware while you're doing it, your mind just decides that its not important enough to remember. But there's a marked difference between driving hypnosis and someone not having any inkling of a whisper of a clue what they had done to get from A to B let alone remembering any single step of it no matter how hard they think of the process. I know a guy who drove from one end of a state to the other via a toll road, had no idea that he had taken a toll road, and hadn't actually stopped for a toll.

At either end. When questioned about his trip, he said direct quote "I got on the highway, I got off the highway, and I turned left", and he didn't think there was anything wrong with that. Somehow, he also did not receive any tickets for this egregious double-violation or so he claimed. My wife is like this for every book she reads and movie she watches.

Good Mutations

I am the same way and really wish I wasn't. Except replace book and movie with nearly everything, except whatever random trivia sticks in my memory. Possibly of even having seen the movie. I was reading an SF book last year - the story seemed really interesting. About 20 pages from the end I had a little deja vu I then vaguely remember reading the book like 10 years earlier I enjoyed the book both times.

Yes and I was so sad to see it slowly fade. I wish there was a revival.This is the best mutation table I have seen, particularly because I don't even have to think about anything.

Anyway, many blessings on your goats. Keep it up while I cry into my homebrew. This is lovingly disturbing. I've been working on random monstrous humanoid tables and one of the sub-tables refer to cursed races, deformed and twisted by someone or something. What I was thinking was referencing your table as a possible alternative to rolling weird mutations for the individuals if one wish to roll for odder mutations.

How do you like to handle the beginning of a mutation? How do you communicate the existence of, for example, a grinding throat? Do you just tell them and break mimesis for that bit, or do you describe what they sense? Ideally, I'd do that, but in practice I find it's too fiddly to keep track of so much secret info, so I just tell the player and let them keep it secret from the PC. Oh, interesting. I've never tried letting a player know something their character doesn't know.

I figure the PCs know lots of stuff like horseback riding, sewing, alchemy, and decorative engraving that the players don't. Seems only fair that the player can know things the PCs don't. This and the supernatural one are godsend, now i can create awful mutants for my players to be aware of the dangers of corruption and dark magic.

Great work! More mutations! These mutations are designed to be mostly biological rather than supernatural. There's an approximately even mix of benefits, penalties, and cosmetic changes.

It's not exactly balanced Wizards can gain mutations through spell mishaps. Everyone else can get them via the usual routes: untested potions, octarine light, eating strange meatand accumulating curses. And if you don't like the format or you find spelling errors I wrote it for me, not you.

Distressingly deformed, scarred, or mangled. Your guts writhe. Whenever you gain a Fatal Wound, everyone in 30' must Save vs Fear.When the flavor has been changed so that this template is no longer applicable please remove this template.

If you do not understand the idea behind this page please leave comments on this page's talk page before making any edits. Edit this Page All stubs. Additional Notes Shapeshifters, like the doppelganger, are not immune to mutations They will be affected as this mutations affect their genetic code, so whatever form they shift into will have the mutation.

Those who change race or switch bodies only change their StrengthDexterityand Constitution. Your other attributes stay the same, as does proficiencies except natural oneslanguages and class. Mutations physical form changes do not happen to creatures already with that mutation. Mutation 07 extra arms grows arms to a maximum of 4 arms total, including any arms the target may have. Mutation 44 sweet talker is a permanent effect, and victims to the target's charms only attack the target in self-defense, and unless the target cannot give a good reason, the victims will stop there.

Mutation 46 dodges everything includes dodging things compatriots pass to you, arrows or spells that are shot at you and potions thrown to you, even if you don't want to dodge them. This can also cause the target to break the laws of physics sometimes but without consequence.

Punches and melee attacks are not counted. Mutation 48 grass eater allows the target to eat grass as a food substance without worrying about diseases unless magical and thus, target will not be hungry for the 1d8 days. Mutations transformation requires a cocoon. This is magically and physically unbreakable for 's case and physically unbreakable for 's case.

Mutation 95 Important contact does not cause the contact to immediately befriend you if against their nature. The vision will, however, tell you what the person likes, dislikes and the person's general preferences, stats and powers.

Go figure. Mutation 96 Midas touch does not change the creature's equipment, only the creature.

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