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Nothing interests a person in witchcraft like the promise of love. And finding free easy love spells is your first step to adding some romantic magick to your life. But when you are looking for love magick, you need to be more specific than just " love spells ". That can cover a whole range of possible intentions, desires and situations. Think about the reason you are looking for a free easy love spell, and make sure to target it for what you need. You don't need a spell to get your ex backif you are actually looking to bring some new love into your life.

You'd use an attraction spell for that. A true love spell is perfect if you are hoping to find a long-term and committed relationship. Or you can go all the way to a marriage spell if you are looking to really get serious. And as a related offshoot to the love spells section, I have a few lust spells that can put some spice into your romance if you need some help. I also have a page of friendship spellsif a full-fledged love spell is a little too strong for your situation.

Types of Love Spells For some reason, people tend to associate love spells with potions maybe we've all watched too many old Disney movies. If this strikes your fancy, there are several love potion spells or love fragrance oils that you can try.

I've also added a new page of love spell perfumes. Another great type of love spell, is the candle spell. Candles are wonderfully romantic and really give a witchy touch to any ritual. Others kinds of spells can use flowers, words written on paper, or crystals, so feel free to experiment a bit. Even really simple love spells or love spell chants can do the trick.

For something a bit more potent, try some Voodoo styled love spells. You can also try Pagan love spells though they are mostly the same as Wiccan ones.

Lastly, choosing an advanced love spell can be an option when nothing else seems to work. Regardless of the type of spell, you should know some tips on how to cast a love spell in the first place. Finding Love Ok, this is what everyone wants when it comes to love spells, something that will help them find the "one". Keep reading through the site for free love spells onlineand you're sure to find one that works for you. You can find several easy love spells that workall using different materials and rituals.

Don't worry, they are all real spells! Bringing a Love Back Though finding new love is the most popular use for a love spell, there are also going to be times when you really just want another chance with someone you already have in your life. I also have another quick lost love spells page for impatient people. Black or White?

easy love spells

Anyone who thinks about performing magick is aware of the whole black magick vs. The reality is that there is very little difference between " white magic love spells " and " black magic love spells ".

easy love spells

White spells usually aren't directed at anyone specific, whereas black spells are intended to influence a particular person or to cause negative results, like a break-up spell. But its usually simple enough to modify either kind of spell to suit your intentions and ethical viewpoints. You can read more about the ethical views of binding love spells. Whatever your particular need, you will likely find some free easy love spells that can help you.

You can also find some help on casting love spells or known when to cast a love spell if this is really new for you. For those in serious search of romance, you might want to consider an entire love spell book. Leave the Free Easy Love Spells page and return to the home page.

Copyrightfree-witchcraft-spells.When you have special feelings for someone, you may want to look for a simple love spell that works fast. With the purpose of drawing your true love to you, it? They all come in quiet many different formats? Of all spells, I? Check out a list of spells of love for a specific person! If you are just beginners, here are some simple love spells without ingredients that you can try? Of all love spell chantsthis is a very straightforward and direct spell that can be done from any location.

Requiring no ingredients, all you need is just to look for a quiet, dark, and isolated room avoiding you from distraction. Looking for any love spells that work overnight? Well then you don? As a powerful spell, it will show the result effectively in a short time.

The use of this love spell is to draw your love interest to you without any ingredient candles, pieces of paper, etc.

Love Spells That Begin To Work Immediately

Here comes another simple love spell without ingredients that works in minutes! You are advised to do the heart love spell chant at night, right before going to bed. Sometimes the perfect timing plays a big role in the final result.

For a desirable outcome, please follow the steps below. If you want to make someone lust and need youthen take advantage of the lust spell here. This is the spell helping you to communicate with the highest powers from the Universe through your conscious mind in order to bring your desire on display and get your crush to feel that.

By using this love spell, you are able to access your love interest? If you keep being distracted, then it certainly won? In case you want to cast spells on your own, I recommend you to do the meditation the day before.

Try the simple love spells without ingredients above for a high chance to win the heart of the person you have longed for a long time. I pray that you help me to get a woman of my dreams Tankiso Motsamai. Kindly help me marry her.If you feel something special for someone and you want them also to feel the same for you, then you need to do the effort. But when all the worldly efforts fail, then you are left with spell powers. Yes, you may want to look for simple love spells that work fast.

The love spells are cast with the purpose to draw your crush or true love towards you. It is a great spell and gives you immediate results.

No matter whether you are a boy or girl, you can easily cast simple love spells that work fast. If you are a beginner and unaware of the reality of spells, then easy love spells without candles will be the best option for you. All you need to do is concentrate, chant and meditate for the magic to work.

Remember your key to spell is not any handy product but your motive and will power. So, make sure that you have positive motive when casting easy love spells without candles. It will highlight your good qualities and positive vibes to your love and they will appreciate all they see and know about you. They will start to see you as their partner and in the end, confess their love for you.

However, it is advisable to practice the easy love spells with just words after discussing with an experienced spell caster. It will help you avoid making any mistake and get assured results. Easy love spells without candles are given below:. It is a direct and simple spell that can be done from anywhere at any time.

Sit with your legs crossed alone in the room. Switch off all the lights.

easy love spells

Now keep your hands in the prayer posture, shut down your eyes and meditate thinking about you and your crush to be together.

If you want immediate results, then you can go for it.March 27, Leave a comment. Learn how to cast a fast-acting love spell that will attract a specific person to you. It can even make your boyfriend, husband or lover feel more attracted to you in a quick, powerful, irresistible way. March 13, Leave a comment. This recipe uses no tools other than a few simple ingredients that everyone has at home: Paper, Pencil, Freezer, and a Glass Jar or plastic container.

An easy spell to make him talk to you! How to make him talk to you? You will need a pen and a piece of paper. Follow the instructions on the video. This simple prayer spell works every time and it will help March 10, Leave a comment. Sex spell chants without ingredients can be very powerful and effective. Watch this video to learn how to cast a sex spell on someone an enhance your personal sexual attraction spell.

If you are in a situation where your loved one does not match your feelings, and you are suffering in silence, this spell without ingredients can change that.

March 8, Leave a comment. Learn how to see your soulmate in dreams with this spell of White Magic. You can also use this ritual as a spell to attract soulmate by establishing a communication channel on the spiritual level with your true soulmate. March 6, Leave a comment.

This is a simple spell to make a person miss you without any ingredients. This easy ritual will make this special person think of you. They will receive images of you sharing wonderful moments together, making him or her come back to you in time. Follow the instructions on the video to start the ritual. Make sure you have privacy July 12, Leave a comment. Sometimes there is a person that we like so much that we would do anything to make them like us. Maybe you want him to go crazy over you, the same way that you are crazy in love with him.

May 14, Leave a comment. Love spells can help you in your everyday life. The power of Magick can go well beyond getting a date or getting your crush to talk to you, there is a huge influence of emotions and energy that, although not visible to the eye, is part of our environment. August 3, Leave a comment. How to know if a love spell is working? July 26, Leave a comment. Today we will see how to use a jar spell with honey to attract love.

Traditionally, what we do is prepare a mojo jar with honey and other ingredients to bring a man or woman into our life using the sweetening properties of the honey, increasing the power of the spell and making it more effective and powerful.Effective Love spells — To re-conquer a love: Has your spouse or lover jilted you unfairly?

Do you feel you should get back with him or her? Perform this simple love spell now. If you want him or her to come back to your life and only see you, we suggest that you cut the petals of 3 red roses and immerse them in a bowl containing a solution of salt preferably silver or glass. Yellow stands for Lost Love Attraction Spells and can, therefore, be used for separating lovers. As you dip the flowers into the silver bowl containing salt, say with conviction what you would like to see happen.

If it is real separation, say a prayer to the goddess of love telling her exactly what you want. These powerful African Spells must be cast on a Friday evening in the crescent moon phase. Candle spell to win back a lover : If what you want is to win back someone, Dr. Nana will help in that regard too. Obtain a prayer card with the image of San Antonio, light red, white and yellow candles three of thempray to the spirits of fire, water, and earth to aid you in your quest to regain the love of that person.

All you need is some white sugar, a plain piece of paper and a red candle. Write his or her name on the piece of paper using a red pen. Place white sugar on the piece of paper and pass a red candle above it. Turn the candle upside and light it with a match. As the wax drops on the sugar, meditate about what kind of love or feeling you want him or her to have for you. It will be instant. Bring back your lost love. To separate two people: The last of the spells is the separation spell.

Simply write in two different pieces of paper the first names and surnames of people you want to separate. Place the papers in a glass of water and cover its mouth with a piece of black cloth.

Bind the mouth properly and keep it the package in a dark place. Later on, put the glass in the freezer and pray that the two people separate. Now thaw the glass until your request is fulfilled. Follow these procedures to cast these spells by yourself or seek help from me. They are general effective love spells that can be combined with others depending on a situation in order to realize your outcome with fewer resources than compared to the resources that are required if your work goes inline with the African voodoo love spell procedures.

Are you currently facing problems in your relationship? Are these problems making you to start thinking of ending that relationship? Whatever the circumstances in your relationship, I can assure you that these problems have solutions.

All you require is the service of a professional who offers spiritual help through love spells casting. If you have been looking for one, then I should like to say that I am here to help you. Tarot cards are a very effective way of knowing about yourself and your future self and that of those around you. Contact me for a Tarot reading.

Rituals & Spells

Now, the answers to these questions vary from one person to another, depending on the one you ask and how that person connects with tarot cards. A tarot card is a tool, and like many other types of tools, the user is the one to choose how to use it. But, since you have come to my page and you would like to know how tarot cards work, I shall tell how I believe tarots work.

There are 78 tarot cards in a deck. Each of these tarot cards has its own imagery, story and symbolism. The other 56 Minor Arcana cards are a sign of the trials and tribulations that human beings experience on a daily basis.Many often say that love is not easy?

Talking about heart matters, it includes cheating, not being loved back, getting dumped, a third wheel between you and your partner, and the lover does not have enough love for you. These things happen because most of you don? Fortunately, you now can win the heart of someone you love by casting spells. Today, in this article, I? Words are the most powerful weapon. I do agree with this statement because we? Sometimes actions speak louder than words, but at times precise words will help you get the love of your dream.

Before doing any influential love spells provenplease keep an open mind. This is an important aspect as it helps you produce positive energy and have a good focus. If you have the right reason, then don? Actually there are powerful love spells with just words that are easy to follow and can be used to cope with all relationships problems.

If you want those spells to react fast, then it? These effective spells working immediately will solve different love problems depending on each individual? In most cases, they assist you in getting your ex lover to come back after a breakupin fixing a broken marriage, or in making your relationship last forever. Some people admit that they say goodbye to their partner because of several ridiculous reasons.

By using effective love spells with just words, you can make your lost lover fall back in love with you again. In addition, it also actually works if you want to bring back your ex spouse again after the divorce.

These powerful and effective spells will create a strong bond between two persons and connect them again. You don? Because now you have the assistance of easy love spells with just words! Make use of these spells if you are recently interested in someone. Once the love spell is cast, chances are someone you admire or want badly will fall in love with you. There are some special words you can use in order to have the love. Firstly, try saying something like?

While doing all this, you should be creative and romantic as much as you can so that the Universe can feel your desire towards your crush.Why wait for free love spells that work in 24 hours or even longer? Love is all around you, just waiting for you to receive it! These love spells work immediately—some in 1 minute or less—to bring you the love you deserve fast—almost before you finish casting the spell!

The following spells are time-tested, classic, fast-acting, free spells that really work in 1 minute or less:. This love spell that begins to work immediately after casting it is a bit complicated to describe, but it's actually easy and fast to cast and worth taking the time to learn.

First, you'll need a piece of recycled paper a page from a notebook made of recycled paper works fine. Next, you'll need to write a short poem first praising the Goddess, and then stating what it is you want or need, in whatever style you feel most comfortable don't worry about your ability to write poetry, just write the best poem you can. Sometimes it helps to think of the poem as a sort of rhyming prayer. It is however, very important to explain your feelings and your wants and needs, leaving no confusion about for what you are asking.

Just do your best and let the poem flow from your heart. Make sure to end your poem by thanking the Goddess for her generosity and consideration. Next, fold the paper in half so that the words are on the inside. Spells of this nature in particular depend on the power given them as the source of their life-changing energy. To deny the Goddess her due will literally rob the spell of a substantial amount of energy. Now, draw a triple goddess symbol on the outside of the paper.

Now fold the paper in half again with the symbol inside. Now draw a pentacle a five-pointed star inside a circle on the paper. Finally, flip the folded paper over and write your name and your date of birth on the other on the blank side. Put the folded paper in a safe place and do not touch it again until after your wish has been fulfilled if you must touch it before your wish has been fulfilled, the paper must be burned, the ashes spread on the ground, and a new spell must be cast.

Witchcraft for Beginners : How to Cast a Love Spell in Witchcraft

Special Note: This love spell works nearly immediately, so if you change your mind before it takes effect, burn the paper and spread ashes on the ground—that will cancel the spell. Buy a new bottle of vanilla extract try to stay away from the imitations, they don't seem to work very well.

Remove the lid and visualize a bright, crimson-red light streaming from your mind's eye and turning the liquid in the bottle to the same deep red color. As the light is flowing into the bottle, repeat these words silently, to yourself:. Red as the blood that flows through my heart, Liquid, bring me a love that shall never part. Bring it soon, yes bring it fast, A love that's strong, a love that lasts!

Now, sprinkle just one or two drops in each corner of the room in which you sleep. Then place the tightly capped bottle under your mattress. Take two short lengths of different colored yarn about six inches long each is fine. Next, lay them down, side-by-side, parallel to each other. Now, choose one of the two pieces to represent yourself and pick that piece up in your left hand. Speak the following words aloud:. Let this symbol represent the soul of insert person's name here. Now tie the two pieces of yarn together in a loose knot and speak the following words aloud:.

Without tightening the knot any further, gently lay the loosely tied pieces of yarn down and leave the alone for one hour Immediately after an hour has passed, and the spell has had time to do its work, pick up the loosely tied pieces of yarn, and without speaking a word, firmly pull the knot tight. Now, place the knot under your bed and leave it there until the almost instant bond of love spell has taken effect.

The following spell is actually an old jar spell, of the type of free love spells that work in 24 hours or less, that we got while traveling in southern Kentucky quite a few years ago. The woman who gave it to us said that it had been passed down through her family from at least as far back as her great-great-grandmother who had come to the United States from Wales. Because this is a warming spell, we recommend casting this spell on a new moon, mid to late afternoon, preferably after the summer solstice.

Place all of the items on the table or flat surface.

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