Excel 2016 bugs

Using the following ten tips will help you keep those pesky bugs to a minimum. When you follow this guideline, you have to define the data type for every variable that you use. Using indentation to delineate code segments is quite helpful. If you have several nested For…Next loops, for example, consistent indentation makes it much easier for you to keep track of them all. This statement causes Excel to ignore any errors and continue.

Nothing is more frustrating than revisiting code that you wrote six months ago — and not having a clue as to how it works.

Adding a few comments to describe your logic can save you lots of time down the road. When you write your code in smaller modules — each of which has a single, well-defined purpose — debugging them is much easier than when you write one long module and have to debug it.

Ask someone else to try out your code and stress test it by trying to make it fail. There are several good forums on the web that are devoted to VBA programming. Those who frequent these forums take great pride in answering questions quickly and thoroughly. Invest some time and get to know it. Spending about an hour learning the details may save you dozens of hours in wasted time. In most cases, Excel offers several alternative methods of accomplishing the same thing.

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I am wracking my brain trying to get around this bug with Excel The issue is simple: Excel throws up an error for trying to reference the workbook ActiveSheet or ActiveWorkbook after it has been downloaded from the internet and after user has clicked Enable Editing.

This bug does not present itself in or Excel. This should be soo simple. All I want to do is activate a sheet. Sure i can un-select the warning, however this is a widely distributed application, and Excel defaults to this setting.

There is no bug on trying to open this before it has been downloaded. I would greatly appreciate your help on this issue, as I have a lot of customer complaints on this. Thanks, Randy.

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Now seems to be working when I open without bugs. Learn more. Asked 3 years, 10 months ago. Active 3 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Sheets "Sheet2". Activate Application. ActiveWorkbook and a few others. Active Oldest Votes. ProtectedViewWindows 1. Workbook WbProtected.

Activate Else: Sheet2. Activate End If Now seems to be working when I open without bugs. Well i call it a bug since it did not appear in or Excel. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.We reproduce this issue using a sample project taken from Excel SDK.

The issue occurs in Excel I'm ready to provide more details. I am also able to reproduce the issue that Andrei reports on my Excel It might not be a representative. When installing adding to the Excel Add-ins dialog and ticking the checkbox any other. As it looks now, the issue gets fixed at last; see here.

I'm really sorry for the mess I created above. Hi Andrei Smolin. This can be beneficial to other community members reading this thread. You need to create an XLL add-in. In our case, we used a sample project provided by Excel SDK. Once you have it, register it and you''ll see that Excel starts with an Excel window that doesn't contain anything.

By default, when you starts Excel from the Start menu, Excel is started with the Startup screen showing your options. If an XLL is registered, Excel starts with no startup screen. But, if you have an XLL registered, Excel starts with no default workbook opened.

To sum up, if an XLL is registered, Excel opens in the "all workbooks are closed" state assuming that you start it from the Start Menu.

I can't offer any suggestions but for my interest could you clarify what you mean by "if an xll is registered". My limited understanding is an xll file is registered with RegisterXLL or its functions individually when loaded, then the registered state persists only for the lifetime of session.

If closed normally, should be re-registered next time. But I take it from your description your xll's functions are permanently registered, is that right? This issue doesn't exist in Excel 32bit Version Build Hi Govert and Andrei Smolin.

I am finally upgraded to Excel version bit version I definitely still see this problem on my updated version with any. Could you perhaps check on your side whether you can reproduce this bug using the instructions I posted earlier? Hi Govert van Drimmelen.

What is Office Insider? Be an Office Insider. I will also try to get authorization to open a support ticket with Microsoft to make the bug report. If anyone else is able to confirm the bug, or report it to Microsoft through a corporate sales channel, I'd be very grateful for the help.

excel 2016 bugs

When we start Excel with an XLL addin enabled it opens but without the start page or a new workbook. I have reproduced the issue on the latest Office Insider build Tomorrow, I'll try to ask forum moderators to check if they can reproduce the issue; probably, I'll start a new topic; I'll post a link in this case.

When I have a confirmation of the moderators, I'll use File Feedback to report the issue to Microsoft. Unfortunately, this is a one-way communication. Workaround: 1. Result: Start screen does show up. Sorry for the delay with fulfilling my promise. When I have news on this issue, I'll post them here.Finding bugs in software can be a profession by itself, but you can heed a few tips to help you keep those bugs to a minimum:. Use an Option Explicit statement at the beginning of your modules.

This statement requires you to define the data type for every variable you use. This creates a bit more work for you, but you avoid the common error of misspelling a variable name. And it has a nice side benefit: Your routines run a bit faster.

Format your code with indentation. Using indentations helps delineate different code segments. If your program has several nested For-Next loops, for example, consistent indentation helps you keep track of them all. Be careful with the On Error Resume Next statement. This statement causes Excel to ignore any errors and continue executing the routine.

Your code may have bugs, and you may not even realize it. Use lots of comments. Nothing is more frustrating than revisiting code you wrote six months ago and not having a clue as to how it works.

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By adding a few comments to describe your logic, you can save lots of time down the road. Keep your Sub and Function procedures simple. By writing your code in small modules, each of which has a single, well-defined purpose, you simplify the debugging process. Use the macro recorder to help identify properties and methods. Although it can be a bit daunting at first, the Excel debugger is a useful tool. Invest some time and get to know it. As you gain more experience with VBA, you spend less time debugging and, when you have to debug, you are more efficient at doing so.

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When I copy the block of cells with 8 columns and insert these copied cells, it replicates to the entire columns of the worksheet. If the copied cells is not the multiple of 8 columns, Insert Copied Cells is functioning correctly. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. When you do the above two steps, it will replicate the copied cells into the entire columns.

However, if the copied cells are not the multiple of 8 columns, it will insert correctly without any replication. I believe that this applies to the prior versions.

Is there any patch available to correct this bug? So who is to say it is a defect?

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And for the same reason, I think I can say with impunity albeit without any authority that there is a no patch to change the behavior. Don't bother with excel. That is even more of a waste of time. Therefore, we can have no expectations, IMHO. Otherwise, one copy of is pasted or inserted. But given the consistent behavior, I do not consider it to be a defect.

Just the way it works. The problem is with "Insert Copied Cells" with the original copied cells had multiple of 8 columns. I have no issue on "Paste" function. If this is not a defect, I do not understand why only "8 columns" of data behaves differently.

I do not think that you replicated my sample. The behavior that you describe applies to any paste-like opertion.

excel 2016 bugs

In general, I do not believe the problem is with 8 columns per se, so much as it is with a multiple of the number of columns copied. In your example, you selected the entire row to "Insert Copied Cells" before. That is why you must copy a multiple of 8 columns in order to see multiple copies when you "Insert Copied Cells" or paste.

OTOH, if you copy 7 columns, select a multiple of 7 columns of one row e. AN11, which is 14 columnsthen do "Insert Copied Cells", you would get multiple copies. April 7, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site.Well, we all know how important Excel file is in our personal as well professional life.

This is used for performing various tasks like managing, organizing the crucial data and much more. And Microsoft Excel different versions provide advanced features as well greater ease of use. So, today in this article we are going to discuss the latest Excel file and know how to fix Excel errors faced by the users. This latest Excel version is smooth and modernizedwith all its previously existing features and few more advanced features that provide greater ease of use.

You can learn the very new Excel features: Here. However, despite its advancement and flexibility, this is not free from errors. Like other Exceland versions many users are found encountering the errors in Excel files. Here, we tried our best to put together the common Excel errors that irritate the users and hinder them from using the latest Excel version.

Excel is a crucial file and this is the reason it easily gets corrupted, damaged and start showing errors. We have listed the 9 common Excel errors with the possible workarounds to get rid of them. Excel is a crucial program and this needs to work smoothly, to keep the data safe.

To fix Excel Is Not Responding error you need to perform various workarounds, such as:. This is the irritating error appears every time when you try to access your saved excel file.

Moreover, there is no any specific reason behind getting the error but there are possible fixes that help you to fix Excel error. Formulas errors are the common problem in Excel files. Many users are found reporting in the forum thread that they are encountering Excel formula not workingerror message:. When entering a formula, this error keeps coming up. I have checked that I am entering the code correctly and when I send this document to colleagues and they enter the same formula it works without this message popping up.

What am I doing wrong?? Original post from Microsoft Community :.I can send the Excel file, where you can reproduce this crash. Send me a private message. When you use the Excel ribbon to view the VBA code an error will occur. After clicking on 'Cancel' a system error will occur. This bug exists in all Excel versions. Please mark the reply as an answer if you find it is helpful. We have a file that was created in Excel with conditional formatting. It was later edited in Excel after my Excel was upgraded.

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excel 2016 bugs

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excel 2016 bugs

This behaviour is always reproducible. Steps to reproduce this issue: 1. Click with your mouse on the 'View code' button; 4. A popup will appear asking the VBA password.

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Click on Cancel. Edited by wiens Saturday, May 7, PM. Saturday, May 7, PM.

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