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You will not be sold anything or asked to contribute any money. There are very few secrets not shared here, there are no charges for joining us, Ifa has helped me live a better life, and I hope to spread his words to as many as I can. Be careful of those who claim to be the keepers of the new Ifa traditions, first discover the ancient writings. Or if it is some new creation. I received Ifa in In Miami Florida with the traditions brought to Cuba in the 's.

An interpretation of Ifa that recognizes that the teachings of Ifa allow that only a man can be initiated as a Babalawo. A women or homosexual is excluded by the Ifa odu's. I have no animosity towards any gender or sexual orientation. It's just that a women or a gay man can never fulfil all the requirements and obligations of Ifa Priesthood. No matter where you received your Ifa, or if it's just a curiosity, feel free to read and comment.

Below are a couple of random articles : Or choose from the Menu to the right. There was an Awo called Biague who had a son named Adiatoto, Biague had taught this son his only secret.

A method to cast Obi coconut. In the house of Biague, there lived several other children, They obeyed Biague, he feed and clothed them. But only Adiatoto the smallest was his son.

All lived as brothers. One day Biague died, and the adoptive children conspired against Adiatoto, and robbed him of all his belongings. Adiatoto experienced much difficulty. After a time, the king of the town, Oba-Rey, wanted to find out who owned the lands that had belonged to Biague. He ordered his men to find this out. Many came forward and made a claim on the lands, including the adoptive brothers but no one could pass the test, and prove ownership.

When nba 2k20 player attributes appeared before him, they asked him to show the secret that proved the lands had been passed on to him. The coconuts will fall facing up which is the proof that is needed. Thus is was, and the King gave Adiatoto all the lands and belongings that had been taken from him. The coconuts obihave a limited role in divination This role is limited to questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no It should not be used to ask other more complex subjects.

The message given by consulting the Obi depends on which pieces fall facing up, and which face down. Eyeife, two pieces with white mass upwards and two with the crust, this is the most firm response.

ifa study

Otagua, Three pieces with white mass upwards and one with the crust. Some consider this to be an affirmative response. Some others view it as questionable, requiring another throw to rectify.

Ocanasorde, Four crusts, a definite negative, and requires more question to isolate and problems that need immediate attention. Global Visitors.

Iron and Folic Acid Consumption by the Ante-natal Mothers in a Rural Area of India in 2010

Search Search Login Form Username. Remember Me. Log in. Yoruba Fokelore Yoruba Traditional Religion To examine the Yoruba religion, one must look at the entire area of Yoruba cultural existence.I decided to create these two training programs in order to help all those interested in becoming Babalawo or Iyanifa develop a firm understanding and practical knowledge base on all the fundamental rituals, rites, and practices mentioned below that every Babalawo and Iyanifa should know.

These programs should be viewed as a starting point to eventually becoming a proficient Ifa Priest. Every student will be expected to take notes during the training programs and partcipate in group discussions and activities. Every student will be given handouts which will contain the Ifa stanzas they will need to memorize.

If the student learns them in Yoruba they will be applauded and saluted but they will still need to learn them in their primary language as well. The Cost of the program covers: handouts, travel to and from the airport, food, lodging, and the various lectures and hands on practice each student will receive on the topics listed for that Level. Level One and Level Two will be offered throughout the year. Please contact Agboola directly to schedule your training.

If you do not speak Yoruba or English, please inform Agboola ahead of time, so that we can find a means of interpretation for you during the program. This will require an additional fee for the interpreter. The student will have different teachers depending on the topic. To schedule your training program, please contact Agboola at or at info ifaworks.

Each training program is usd. For more information please contact Oluwo Irawofa There is also an Odu Study Program offered but this program is only for those who are currently enrolled or have finished any of the above-mentioned Ritual Training courses and of whom are official and active members of one of the temples listed on the contact page of this website. No exceptions, everyone MUST be an official and active member of one of the temples listed below to be in this program.

For more information on this program please contact Oluwo Irawofa at The following is a Study program available for those interested in becoming Babalawo and Iyanifa who are not able to travel to Nigeria.

Close Menu.Internal and external validity are concepts that reflect whether or not the results of a study are trustworthy and meaningful. While internal validity relates to how well a study is conducted its structureexternal validity relates to how applicable the findings are to the real world.

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You can have a study with good internal validity, but overall it could be irrelevant to the real world. On the other hand, you could conduct a field study that is highly relevant to the real world, but that doesn't have trustworthy results in terms of knowing what variables caused the outcomes that you see.ICVS focuses on the valuation of privately held companies that is the dominant kind of companies.

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The material is very interesting, provides the candidate with the necessary knowledge to create a financial model on excel and using VBA, and eventually enables the candidate to be comfortable in creating different kinds of models depending on the need for it''.

In addition to the benefits of the course, the tutor was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the given topics. Getting this course has absolutely improved my knowledge and taught me new ways of being professional at my future work A lot of thanks to all tutors, trainers, and administrators in the IFA. The course provided a lot of real life application especially with valuation and financial decision making techniques.

The most impressive part was actually Louay. He made the course very enjoyable. He gave us many real life examples and taught us how to apply what we are learning. He was very flexible and very enthusiastic. I want to really thank you and IFA for this excellent course and a wonderful experience.

The good thing about is the practicality aspect of the material. It didn't only cover concepts in finance but rather how these several concepts can be applied in our day to day tasks.

Louay was great as well, he was able to cater for the different backgrounds of all the students and focus the class in way to allow everybody to fully comprehend financial modeling in his respective line of work. Second, the CAFM workshop proved to be quite informative and an eye-opener in the field of financial modelling and use of excel tools and functions.

The course has enabled me to gain a lot of insights on the potential of using excel in financial studies and exercises. Louay was more than patient and professional in all his dealings with us. He provided sufficient guidance and mind triggering questions in class to motivate our critical thinking and learning process.

Thank you again for all your efforts"" - Tarek Mukalled feedback. I had great experience with IFA throughout the process of CFA exams preparation, the institute has offered full support along the journey without any kind of hesitance. For them, every student is an asset and they are willing to offer all kind of support needed to help you reach your objective.

ifa study

This applies to instructors and IFA team. The instructors were available to answer any enquiry or when facing challenges and their follow up was impressive. Thank you" - Mohamad Ziad mabsout. Really, the experience at the IFA was very pleasant.

Traditional Ifa and Orisa practice

The instructors were top notch and the overall preparations for the exam, over the various levels, were planned out really well.

They both played an important role in helping us prepare and cope with the pressure of taking the exam. I am grateful for all of your guys' efforts. I hope that we would cross paths once more in the future. I highly recommend everyone to take the course. I would not have been able to sail through the exam without the help of these different class instructors, amazing facilities and supporting material provided by IFA themselves, and the continuous support you get outside the classroom.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to pursue the FRM certification to enroll at IFA and I am personally very grateful and cannot thank them enough.In my opinion, I believe the Yoruba tradition of Ifa - Orisa sits at the top of the pyramid of every practical, theoretical, and traditional practice or study.

I awakened to my spirituality in a very horrible way. While in the revival church, I began to use the wisdom that my sweet Padrino had taught me years before to show the way of studying nature to the Bishops and Pastors of my church. Darkness is necessary because everything begins with it. Like a pregnancy, it gives way to form, i. Image Source: Yagbeonilu. A Babalawobefore becoming independent and working as a Babalawo for the community, must go through extensive training.

Within the training, they will learn many things. Not only how to understand the use of the oracles and the verses attached to each odubut also how to use nature for medicines spiritually or for work to aid humankind. Now, the master of the Awo in training also had a master, and so did the master before him and before him etc.

So in Ifa, everything is handed down orally. These non-physical masters will not only teach him while he works or studies, but also while he sleeps.

ifa study

So some Babalawos will know extensive knowledge about odus without ever having been taught by their physical master. Everything in life is spiritual, whether you know it or not. Nothing is ever mechanical. A leaf burnt to make a medicine instantly becomes a spirit. This is why every tree and every leaf has a name, just like every human being has a name.

So, if I wanted John to go to the shop for me, I would call him by his name and send him on errand. Now, when I send John to the shop, John needs a mode of transportation. When the Awo makes the medicine, it will now use the breeze to carry it through.Consultation, Divination, Spiritual Reading — known by many names and effective every time.

Ritual and practice for the betterment of your life and fulfillment of your destiny. In truth, Ifa in practice is very much a living oracle. A person comes for a consultation, concise information is given and often an ebo sacrifice is asked to be performed by or on behalf of the person.

It is a spiritual practice, discipline and philosophy that speaks in allegory to the human condition.

Prospective Students

The practice of Ifa was born to the Yoruba of West Africa centuries ago. No longer a whisper of misunderstood animism, the Ifa pantheon represents tools for transformation for the individuals who seek it across the globe. Contact Kabiessi. Donations help us with continued growth as well as running the day-to-day needs of the Temple.

Click to download the article. You seem to have Javascript disabled. This website needs javascript in order to function properly! Consult Ifa One need not wait for a problem to arise to seek the solution View. Ifa works Ritual and practice for the betterment of your life and fulfillment of your destiny.

Consult Ifa Consultation, Divination, Spiritual Reading — known by many names and effective every time.

Ifa-Orisa 101 with Iya Funlayo

Ifa Works Ritual and practice for the betterment of your life and fulfillment of your destiny. What is Ifa, really? Ready for your consultation? Would you like to donate? In the news. May Other ways to listen:. Disclosure Privacy Policy Blog Membership.They understand the landscape of franchising and have proven track records of excellent partnerships.

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ifa study

Our members have been growing and advancing in their careers for years because we do everything to ensure they always have access to the best selection of resources. The IFA Information Hub opens the door to a world of resources designed to refine or refresh the skills you need to grow professionally in your industry and beyond. Knowledge is power. We curate and analyze industry relevant documentation to produce a strong collection of insights, keeping our members informed.

This includes hard data, white papers, briefs, and reports on the economic impact of franchising in local economies. IFA is committed to providing you with industry research insights so that you can turn ideas and strategies into successful outcomes. IFA has the resources to guide our members to successful global business expansion. If your aspirations go beyond borders, IFA will be right there with you, empowering you and removing blockers. Credibility is a valuable currency.

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