List of raw gemstones with pictures

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Most of the gem names have an interesting story behind.

Raw Diamonds

A majority of gemstones name come from the Latin or Greek root that refers to a particular trait of the gem. The place of discovery or the name of person who identified it first can also be an inspiration behind a gems name.

Here we have showcased a comprehensive list of crystals and gemstones by their name in A to Z order. You can click on the pictures of gemstones to read their comprehensive buying guide and browse their impressive catalogue. The products enlisted in our catalogue contain images of each gemstone from different angles and a high-definition video of the front and back to provide a real-time shopping experience. Different stones are categorised into different species, varieties and groups based on their composition, market value, purpose and cutting style.

Here you can find a simplified categorisation of different types of gemstones which are available on our website. At GemPundit, we have featured a quality selection of the rarest to the most common gemstones to suit varying customer needs. Since antiquity, gemstones have served mankind in different ways. Many people find gemstones as an attractive form of investment. Here, we have differentiated various types of stones and gems based on their use or purpose.

list of raw gemstones with pictures

A gem color largely depends on its chemical composition and crystalline structure. Different gemstones contain element traces in varying amount which lend them a unique colour. The colour of different types of gemstones is so enormous that no exact term defines every individual tone. At GemPundit, you can find genuine gemstones in over different colour varieties, combinations and tones. A gemstone is a rare, precious and durable mineral, organic material or rock which can be cut and polished to be used in jewelry and other decoratives.

In the market, gemstones can be found in different colors, shape and size.Our gemstones and minerals traveled across the world to become a part of your collection! Our mining rough contains gems and minerals that were mined in countries as far away as Brazil, Peru, Mexico, India, and Madagascar. We hope you enjoy learning about your new treasures. Agate — A common, semiprecious type of chalcedony, agate forms in ancient volcanic cavities.

Agate is characterized by its microcrystalline structure and concentric banding. Amazonite — Also called Amazonstone, this blue-green feldspar variety of microcline is named after the Amazon river and is frequently mined in Brazil.

It is a semi-precious gemstone.

list of raw gemstones with pictures

Amethyst — Known for its regal purple color, this member of the quartz family has long been cherished as a gemstone and frequently worn in jewelry. In Greek mythology, it is believed that Dionysus, created this stone. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Apatite — Is a phosphate mineral found in a variety of intense colors including purple, green, blue, white and red. Gem quality apatite can be found in the United States. An important source of phosphorus, apatite is used in matches.

Aventurine — A variety of quartz speckled with green mica. Other colors such as brown and red are formed by inclusion of the minerals pyrite or hematite. When polished, this stone sparkles.

List of Top 12 Popular White and Colorless Gemstones (with pictures)

Calcite — Found in virtually all colors, this form of calcium carbonate is know for its beautiful crystals, often twinned. Specimens of calcite are found in every country, with most calcite occurring as limestone or marble.

Carnelian — A form of chalcedony, carnelian is found in a reddish-orange shade due to the presence of iron oxide in its composition. It is believed to bring courage to the wearer. Citrine — This yellow to brownish quartz is far less common than its quartz cousins.

Most available citrine is in fact heat treated amethyst or smoky quartz. Gem quality natural citrine can be found in North Carolina. Crocodile Jasper — This stunning jasper mimics the appearance of crocodile skin with its green and black flecking. It is a very unique stone that certainly feels reptilian in nature. Crystal Points — Also known as Rock Crystal, this colorless, transparent quartz is prized for the crystalline shape. Rock crystal is found in clusters and twinned forms. It was once believed that rock crystals were ice too frozen to melt.

Dalmatian Jasper — A fine-grained, dense quartz called chalcedony, jasper is found in a variety of colors.As Jewelry Shopping Guide editors, we write about things that we love and we think you'll like too.

We often have affiliate partnerships, and may generate some revenue from these links at no cost to you. White and colorless gemstones have been used since ancient times and are among the most common colors for gemstones. Unlike any other gemstone color, white and colorless gemstones blend in beautifully with any outfit, skin tone, metal or occasion.

These are stylish, classic gemstones that have a touch of sophistication. Diamonds are the most popular gemstone of this color category, and many other gemstones such as white sapphire, white topaz and zircon, simply serve as diamond substitutes. Find It Here. Without doubt, the most popularly known and highly-sought after gemstone of all is the colorless diamond.

Diamonds have almost taken over the engagement ring market and is among the most prestigious of all gemstones. What makes a diamond so captivating? There are many answers to this question. For one thing, diamonds are the hardest known natural substance.

list of raw gemstones with pictures

They virtually cannot be scratched and have the highest hardness rating 10 Mohs. They are also extremely brilliant and when beautifully faceted, are unmatchable in their sparkle. However, diamonds are not indestructible. The flip side of being so hard is that diamonds are also very brittle.

They can crack or chip if struck with a hard blow. Although not a rare gemstone, diamonds are considered highly valuable. If a mined diamond is not for you, there is a thriving synthetic diamond market that makes it possible for buyers to choose a more affordable, ethical and sustainable choice of diamond.

Related article: Should I buy a synthetic diamond? White sapphires are often chosen as a more affordable substitute for diamonds.

It is the purest form of corundum and occurs when there is no inclusion of trace elements during formation. In small sizes, white sapphires are almost indistinguishable from diamonds, but larger white sapphires can appear milky or even cloudy.

They are also not as brilliant and diamonds and tend to be somewhat subdued.A gemstone is a crystalline mineral that can be cut and polished to make jewelry and other ornaments.

The ancient Greeks made a distinction between precious and semiprecious gems, which is still used. Precious stones were hard, rare, and valuable. The only "precious" gemstones are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

All other quality stones are called "semiprecious," even though they may not be any less valuable or beautiful. It is characterized by rhombohedral microcrystals and has a Mohs hardness ranging from 6. Chalcedony is one example of gemstone quality agate. Onyx and banded agate are other examples.

Chrysoberyl is a gemstone made of beryllium aluminate. Chrysoberyl belongs to the orthorhombic crystal system and has a Mohs hardness of 8. Alexandrite is a strongly pleochroic form of the gem that can appear green, red, or orange-yellow, depending on how it is viewed in polarized light.

Although amber is considered a gemstone, it's an organic mineral rather than an inorganic one. Amber is fossilized tree resin. It's usually golden or brown and may contain inclusions of plants or small animals. It is soft, has interesting electrical properties, and is fluorescent.

List of Top 12 Popular White and Colorless Gemstones (with pictures)

The violet color comes from the irradiation of iron impurities in the matrix. It's the same mineral that comprises human teeth.

The gemstone form of the mineral displays the hexagonal crystal system. Gems may be transparent or green or less commonly other colors. It has a Mohs hardness of 5. Because it's carbon, its chemical formula is simply C the element symbol of carbon. Its crystal habit is octahedral and it is extremely hard 10 on the Mohs scale. This makes diamond the hardest pure element. Pure diamond is colorless, but impurities produce diamonds that may be blue, brown, or other colors.

Impurities may also make diamond fluorescent. Emerald is the green gemstone form of the mineral beryl. Emerald displays a hexagonal crystal structure. It is very hard, with a rating of 7. Garnet describes any member of a large class of silicate mineral.This is the list of all gemstones. All gemstones that the owner have gotten and investigated are on the list.

Except for gemstones that are almost impossible to get are here. Please make full use of it to find your gemstone. All gemstones on this list have pictures with them. This page is designed to check the color and the texture of gemstones easily. All the pictures are taken with high-quality camera.

You will have fun just by looking at the list. There is a brief feature of gemstones with their names. It is the part that says "Gemstone of something" or "Good Luck Charm of something. It is good for people who want to choose gemstones by intuition. All gemstones list has a link to details on each gemstone.

You can check detailed meanings and effects by clicking the name. If you find a good gemstone for you, please check the details page. You may find something new from there. Details link will be useful for people who have priority to meanings and effects. There is information about how difficult to get and quantity in the market on details page. It would be a good reference when you buy. Please ask a specialty store if needed.

Rare stones easily get sold out, so it will be better to check the stock beforehand. The types of gemstones are increasing every year. New types of gemstones are still discovered around the world. Unfamiliar gemstones can be popular suddenly. This list is going to be updated in that case. New gemstones will be added as soon as the information comes up.

This gemstone is in registration order. It is not in complete alphabetical order, so please make sure on that. Famous gemstones are closer to the top of the page. That means you can find rare gemstones on the bottom of the page. If you are looking for common gemstones, look around the top of the page. The middle of the page would be good for intermediate people and the bottom of the page would be good for advanced people.Sign Up.

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You can choose up to 3 colors.

Raw Gemstone Stock Photos and Images

Refine Search. Similar Images. Add to Likebox. Raw mineral malachite. Raw mineral rose quartz The raw mineral is prehnite The raw mineral is pyrite. Precious gem, treasure concept. Diamond gloss. Is a rtura. Raw mineral red gypsum, Morocco Beautiful natural crystals. Colorful background Large crystals.

list of raw gemstones with pictures

Next Page. About RF. Become an Affiliate.Video of a beautiful Ethiopian Welo opal. The flashes of color that can be seen as the opal moves is a phenomenon known as "play-of-color.

Opal is one of the world's most popular gemstones and the birthstone for the month of October. A nice precious opal can flash every color of the spectrum with an intensity and quality of color that surpasses the fire of diamond.

The best opals command prices per carat that rival expensive diamonds, rubiessapphiresand emeralds. There are many types of opal found in deposits around the world. If you are just starting to learn about opal, here are three varieties that might surprise you: Fire Opal is known for its intense red, orange and yellow colors - the colors of a fire!

Boulder Opal is opal with attached host rock. It can be surprisingly beautiful! Common Opal has color, pattern and beauty that can be anything but common. Who gave it such a common name?

Mineralogically, opal is a hydrous silicon dioxide with a chemical composition of SiO 2. It is amorphous, without a crystalline structure, and without a definite chemical composition it contains a variable amount of water, as shown by the "n" in its chemical composition.

Therefore opal is a " mineraloid " rather than a " mineral. Opal is a wonderful stone for earrings, pendants, and brooches.

These items of jewelry normally do not receive significant abrasion and impact during wear.

Colored Gemstones - From Rough to Ready

Opal is softer and more easily chipped than most other popular gemstones. It has a hardness of about 5. When used in a ring, the best designs have a bezel that fully protects the stone - instead of being placed in a prong setting that exposes the stone to impact and abrasion.

Opal rings are beautiful and many people enjoy them. If you decide to wear an opal ring, it is best removed during activities when impact or abrasion might occur. The flashes of color that can be seen as the opal moves are a "play-of-color. Although opal has a composition that includes SiO 2its physical properties are very different from quartz.

Opal also has water, which reduces its specific gravity, gives it a lower hardness, and makes it much more brittle.

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