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World War I Trivia and Quizzes

Average beterave Aug 05 10 plays.I have three questions about World War 1. It would be great if i could receive an answer on each but it would still be extremely helpful if you had time less. Imperialism and Nationalism are the two main causes for WW1, but when, where and how do these factors appear most distinctly? I would love to get diverse perspectives before, during and after the war.

And last but definitely not leasthow goes the treaty of Versaille short summary? The imperialist and nationalist forces that converged in had been building since the midth century, if not earlier.

The United States was just emerging as a world power, but still rather reluctant to do much more than it had in Strategically the Russian Revolution took a major Allied power out of the war and gave the Germans their last best chance at victory in the West—for all it ultimately did them.

In the long run, it led to decades of fresh rivalry—with ideology thrown in for good measure—between the United States and the Soviet Union, but Soviet Communism has had little long-range political influence outside of Russia, involving a good amount of the obsessions with power and paranoia that had been part of Russian history since the Middle Ages and the beginnings of the tsars.

The treaties of Versailles, Trianon and Lausanne generally did more harm than good with the vindictive manner in which they laid blame for the war primarily on the Central Powers, especially Germany, and their dismemberment of the defeated empires.

History question! To receive notification whenever any new item is published on HistoryNet, just scroll down the column on the right and sign up for our RSS feed. Dear Mr. History I have three questions about World War 1. Best regards, Rickard Westerbergh?Don't forget, it's Multiple Choice Question, so one or several answers are possible!

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What were the main reasons for the first world war? Which of the following was not a cause of WWI? All of these were major battles of WWI except.You'll need the URL for your submission. A1: We do not expect to see the memorial, we simply want to know the location so we can map out where all the projects are.

We are hoping that through this project, you will help us uncover them. Your question has stimulated us into putting a new form on this website for you to report what you find. Look for the form in the next few days in the menu on the left. Let's get that inventory of WWI memorials compiled! We will publish the results and pass the information on to Mr.

Levitch who is helping us with this project! A3: The program is specifically aimed at WWI memorials, so this kind of hybrid situation is something that will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The specific question from the specific group will be forwarded to our Governance Committee who will decide eligibility. A4: Yes. The project must be scheduled for completion prior to November 11,the th anniversary of the Armistice - the cessation of hostilities in WWI.

You should know that over the next few weeks we will be publishing a series of tools kits in the resources section of the ww1cc. Q6: When is the earliest you will accept proposals from community members, now that the deadline has been deferred to June ? Submitting earlier is preferable to us, but, we won't do so if the proposals will not be read until late summeranyway. There is no particular advantage to submitting early in terms of the timing of the judging and grant selectees at this time.

Although all income and expenses have taken place, can we still enter and recover costs that were provided to the city for light benches and landscaping the for our WW I Memorial. Thank you A7: Qualifying Memorial project must be completed starting January 1,and before November 11, for a matching grant consideration.

Depending on the exact dates when you did it, It sounds like the project your describe above would qualify. Founding Sponsor. Terms Of Service Privacy Policy. How do I find out? Talk to your city council to see what they can tell you Look around - especially public squares, schools and churches Contact your local American Legion chapter.

They typically are on top of these things and they are a supporting organization for this program. There is a man named Mark Levitch who is passionately putting together something called The Memorial Inventory Project.

Click here to explore his partially complete demo with over locations already compiled. Q4: Is there a time limit by which the memorial project needs to be finished?

More than Americans died in this incident, but the British Navy saved more than Can we also apply for funds? Thank you.From weaponry and spies to treaties and neutrality, test your knowledge of World War I in this quiz.

Question: Whose death sparked World War I? His murder led to World War I. Question: Which of these nations was neutral in World War I? Answer: Norway was neutral, meaning that it did not take sides, during World War I — Question: Which of these ships was sunk by a German submarine? Answer: The British passenger ship Lusitania was sunk by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland incausing great loss of life.

ww1 questions

Question: Which of these people was a spy in World War I? She was executed in The faster you answer, the higher your score. When you're done, try again to beat your best score! Facebook Twitter. World War I Quiz. You finished! View Results Play Again. Quiz Results. Log in to save your scores! More Quizzes. Browse All Quizzes. Pop Culture. Your results. Are you a quizmaster? Share Your Score:. Compare your score. Your Score. Login or Join to track your quiz stats, save your best scores, and compete with the community!On July 28, the armies of Austria-Hungary marched into Serbia and precipitated a political chain reaction that would soon become the Great War.

Most of Europe was quickly plunged into a conflagration that would kill millions and call into question the very idea of civilization. Now, one hundred years later, many pause and remember WWI as a bloody four-year struggle between good and evil.

From Japan and Persia to South Africa and Belgium, the two militarized sides murdered evil and called their triumphs good.

ww1 questions

Enter the revisionists who built their careers blaming Great Britain or France or Russia. But placing blame made little difference by that time, the killing was over for now. One matter upon which most analysts agreed, however, was that the Great War ushered in a new, modern world and raised fundamental questions that demanded structural review and possible change.

Ironically, the following questions remain definitively unanswered. Should it become a world of independent states formed according to ethnicity as in Poland or Franceor should it become an amalgam of super-states encompassing the aspirations of diverse peoples as in Yugoslavia or United States? But he failed to get the organization accepted by his own U. How realistic was the League when even the United States refused to join? How practical was such an institution when nationalistic feelings captivated people around the world?

Should science and armaments manufactures be limited? The development and use of tanks, airplanes, arial bombardment, poison gas, flame-throwers, explosive grenades, and machine-guns raised serious ethical questions. Were such impersonal killing machines just technological aberrations of the Great War, or should they be improved and new weapons of wholesale destruction be developed?

The struggle between Communism and Capitalism escalated.

First world war facts - quiz

How should profits be distributed: mostly to the state as representative of the people, or mostly to the individual entrepreneur whose efforts generated the profits? How should land be distributed? The socialists expected that class solidarity would override nationalistic fanaticism.

They were wrong. Editorialists called for mass man to refuse to accept war as an answer to problems his leaders created. Instead, mass man gave himself to the state as a weapon. In terms of democracy there was little difference in the response from Russians long-used to autocratic governance and republican Frenchmen, between fighters from parliamentary Germany and parliamentary Great Britain. With the centenary of this monumental conflict at hand, many in the United States may wonder why they should pay attention to what happened in the summer of After all, the U.

The answer seems apparent: the modern world began with the Great War. The Old World which had always suppressed progressive change collapsed under the weight of a horrendous war. New blueprints for human arrangement emerged from the rubble that remained where civilized people once dwelled. New forces—mass man with political power, unbridled science, ethical uncertainty, international distrust—dominated global politics, but still had to contend with residual conservatism which demanded restraint and regressive political restructuring.

The nation which best fit this conservative model was the United States. For a country with less than a year of full-scale combat and became the richest economic power on the planet thanks to the war, a country that now maintained a mighty Navy and a massive Army, and was at the forefront of humanitarianism through the efforts of Herbert Hoover who led the fight against famine in Belgium and France inand against global famine beginning inthe United States had a mandate.

It had to play a stabilizing role in postwar modernity. No European or Asian nation could match its power, ingenuity, or integrity. Instead, the US folded its formidable international position and fell back into impotent isolationism. The centennial of World War One is a worldwide event.Two were Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

The third dictator did not take part in World War II. Who was he? World War II began on 3 September On 1 September Germany attacked Poland. UK and France declared war on Germany on 3 September That was the beginning of World War II. World war 2 started 1 septemberbecause the attack on Polen was the Main reason France and britain declared war.

They did declare war on September 3, but the war was considered to be started on September 1, On that day UK and France declared war on Germany. Your email address will not be published. Paula on August 12, at am. Ajai on October 12, at pm. Hey guys world war 2 began in september 1 Am I right Reply. Vincent D'Souza on October 14, at am. Master chif on March 23, at pm. World war 2 started 1 septemberbecause the attack on Polen was the Main reason France and britain declared war Reply.

Dylan Leff on December 28, at am.

ww1 questions

Fahad Ali Faisal on November 12, at pm. Its very easy benecial method of learning for average and week students……. Russell on February 3, at am. Japan declared it would surrender on August 15th August 14th in the US. I am confuse between sept.

World War I Quiz

Nelson D'Souza on July 9, at am. Niha fathima on July 31, at pm. We want more questions Reply. Anina on October 30, at am.

First World War 1905-1918: Practice Exam Questions

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